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Academy of Distinguished Alumni

As a way of recognizing the accomplishments and careers of our outstanding alumni, the Chandra Family Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering established the Academy of Distinguished Alumni. The Academy recognizes distinguished alumni who are dedicated engineering professionals, leaders of industries, and avid supporters of higher education.

Academy Members

(Year of Induction - *indicates posthumous induction)

Brooks Carlton Fowler (2022*)

Martha Shultz Fowler (2022)

Hyesook Lim (2022)

Eric Feng (2021)

Charles 'Charlie' M. Lundquist III (2021)

Michael Bealmear (2019)

Michael Krames (2019)

George McGonigle (2018)

Charlie Sander (2018)

Tom Arnold (2017*)

Clarence J. Baldwin. Jr. (2017)

Robert A. Bell (2017*)

E. Oran Brigham, Jr. (2017)

Perry G. Brittain (2017*)

Kenneth E. Burg (2017*)

Sanjay Chandra (2017)

C. W. W. Cook (2017*)

Kenneth J. Cox (2017*)

Cullen M. Crain (2017*)

Cathy A. Fulton (2017)

Arthur H. Hausman (2017)

W. Neal Kocurek (2017*)

Robert L. Mansfield (2017)

William G. Marquardt (2017*)

Walter M. McAllister, Sr. (2017*)

Stephen L. Poizner (2017)

Hector de Jesus Ruiz (2017)

Archie W. Straiton (2017*)

Ben G. Streetman (2017)

Roy Tolk (2017*)

James J. Truchard (2017)

Frank P. Wood (2017*)