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Nano-optics for Smart Sensing and Display

ECE Seminar

Location: EER 0.806/0.808
Zhujun Shi
Reality Labs, Meta

Nano-optical systems provide a new way to control light, enabling new optical functionalities beyond conventional optics. In this talk, I will talk about two examples: multifunctional metasurfaces for efficient computational depth sensors; and integrated photonics for high-performance laser displays. The combination of nano-optics with computational approaches and active platforms will be discussed. These examples demonstrate the potential of nano-optics in enabling the next generation of smart sensors and displays, particularly for small, low-power platforms such as augmented reality devices, internet of things (IoT), and more.


Zhujun Shi is currently an optical research scientist at Reality Labs at Meta. Prior to that, she was a research assistant in Prof. Federico Capasso’s group at Harvard University. Her research focuses on nanophotonics and nano-optics. By engineering the interaction of light and structured materials at the subwavelength scale, she develops nano-optical systems for various imaging, sensing and display applications.