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Graduate Student Austin Harris Receives Best Paper Award at ASPLOS 2015

Texas ECE graduate student Austin Harris has received the best paper award at the prestigious International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, ASPLOS 2015, that took place in Istanbul, Turkey from March 14-18, 2015.

Austin and his collaborators Chang Liu, Elaine Shi, Michael Hicks (UMD) and Martin Maas (UC Berkeley) introduced a new architecture and programming language that are co-designed to execute programs in an 'oblivious' manner -- an adversary with physical access to a program's memory address trace cannot learn the program's secret input values. This work is a signficant advance towards securely executing programs on untrusted datacenters and Internet-of-Things devices. 

Austin Harris works with Prof. Mohit Tiwari in the Security, Privacy, and Architecture lab ( For more information about this research, please contact or

ASPLOS is "the premier forum for multidisciplinary systems research spanning computer architecture and hardware, programming languages and compilers, operating systems and networking, as well as applications and user interfaces."