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Prof. Alex Huang Receives IEEE IAS Gerald Kliman Innovator Award

Prof. Alex Huang of Texas ECE has been named the recipient of the 2019 IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) Gerald Kliman Innovator Award. Prof. Huang was recognized “for the development of Si and SiC high-power devices and the promotion of their industry applications.”

According to IEEE IAS the Gerald Kliman Innovator Award "was established in 2005 to honor innovators who contributed to the technical areas of IAS’s Industrial Power Conversion Systems department. The award may be presented annually to an individual for meritorious contributions to the advancement of power conversion technologies through innovations and their application to industry. The technical field for this award includes, but is not limited to Electrical Machines, Electrical Drives, Power Electronic Systems and Power Electronic Devices. This Award is named in honor of Dr. Gerald Kliman, in memory of his many contributions and innovations to these technical areas. This award is sponsored by General Electric through the IEEE Foundation.”