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Prof. Erez and Students Selected for IEEE Micro Top Picks Magazine

A publication from UT ECE professor Mattan Erez and UT ECE student Doe Hyun Yoon has been selected for the IEEE Micro magazine's Top Picks issue. At the beginning of every year, IEEE Micro magazine publishes some of the most significant research papers in the computer architecture society from the previous year. The selection is based on the publications' novelty and long-term impact, recognizing the papers that have the potential to influence the work of computer architects for years to come.

The paper, entitled Virtualized and Flexible ECC for Main Memory was selected as one of the eleven papers to be included in the IEEE Micro 'Top-Picks of 2010 conferences' issue. Three out of the 11 picks this year are from UT Austin. UT ECE professors Lizy John and Yale Patt were also named to the Top Picks issue.

Prof. John's paper is The Virtual Write Queue: Coordinating DRAM and Last-level Cache Policies, and Prof. Patt's paper is Data Marshaling for Multi-core Architectures.

The IEEE Micro magazine is the premier periodical in computer architecture and design with one of the highest impact factors in Computer society.