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Prof. Ghosh and Students Awarded 2017 Distinguished Clinical Research Informatics Paper Award

Joydeep Ghosh, along with his collaborators and students, were awarded the 2017 Distinguished Clinical Research Informatics Paper Award at the American Medical Informatics Association Joint Summits on Translational Sciences, held March 27-30 in San Francisco California. The award recognizes the paper “PheKnow-Cloud: A Tool of Evaluating High-Throughput Phenotype Candidates Using Online Medical Literature.” The paper provides a machine learning/A.I. platform for validating potential phenotypes extracted from large clinical datasets, drawing from the vast medical literature that is publically available. The paper was co-authored by Jette Henderson (UT Austin), Ryan Bridges (UT Alum, Epic Systems), Joyce Ho (UT Alumna, Emory University), and Byron Wallace (Northeastern University). Both Bridges and Ho were supervised by professor Ghosh while they were completing their BS and PhD studies at Texas ECE, respectively, and Henderson is a current PhD student in his research group.

Dr. Joydeep Ghosh is currently the Schlumberger Centennial Chair Professor at Texas ECE. He was voted as "Best Professor" in the Software Engineering Executive Education Program at UT. Dr. Ghosh's research interests lie primarily in data mining and web mining, predictive modeling / predictive analytics, machine learning approaches such as adaptive multi-learner systems, and their applications to a wide variety of complex real-world problems. He has published more than 400 refereed papers and 50 book chapters, and co-edited over 20 books. Dr. Ghosh has served as a co-founder, consultant or advisor to successful startups (Accordion Health, Stadia Marketing, Neonyoyo and Knowledge Discovery One) and as a consultant to large corporations such as IBM, Motorola and Vinson & Elkins.