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Prof. Mattan Erez and NVIDIA Team Awarded DARPA Grant

Prof. Mattan Erez and NVIDIA Team Awarded DARPA Grant

Mattan Erez and Team Awarded DARPA Grant

A research team including Prof. Mattan Erez of UT ECE and led by NVIDIA has been awarded a research grant of $25 million by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the U.S. Defense Department's research and development arm, to address what the agency calls a "crisis in computing." The team -- which also includes Cray Inc., Oak Ridge National Laboratory and six top U.S. universities -- is being funded by DARPA to address the challenge that conventional computing architectures are reaching the practical limits of energy usage and will not meet the challenges of exascale computing. The research team plans to develop new software and hardware technology to dramatically increase computing performance, programmability and reliability.

The team will investigate "Ubiquitous High Performance Computing," and the project covers all system aspects including, circuits, architecture, interconnection networks, system design, runtime and operating systems, compilers, programming languages, and applications. The goal is to get 1 PetaFLOP of performance in a single rack.