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Prof. Mattan Erez Receives Department of Energy Early Career Research Award

UT ECE professor Mattan Erez has been named a recipient of an Early Career Research Award from the Department of Energy for his work on programming and execution model support for resiliency. Dr. Erez is one of 68 scientists selected for the five years award out of 850 candidates.

According to the Department of Energy, the funding opportunity for researchers in universities and DOE national laboratories, now in its third year, supports the development of individual research programs of outstanding scientists early in their careers and stimulates research careers in the disciplines supported by the DOE Office of Science.

Dr. Mattan Erez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Erez's research focus is computer architecture. Specifically, he is interested in the critical aspects of locality, parallelism and bandwidth constraints to overcome the limitations of today's architectures. One goal is to improve cooperation between the hardware, compiler and programmer in order to enable new levels of performance, efficiency and code-portability.