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UT ECE Graduate Student Chao Jia and Prof. Brian Evans Receive Top 10% Paper Award at IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing Workshop

UT ECE graduate student Chao Jia and his advisor, Prof. Brian Evans, have received a Top 10% Paper Award at the the 14th IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing Workshop held in September 2012. Their paper was entitled “Probabilistic 3D Motion Estimation for Rolling Shutter Video Rectification from Visual and Inertial Measurements.”

MMSP 2012 is the 14th international workshop on multimedia signal processing. The workshop is organized by the Multimedia Signal Processing Technical Committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. The focus theme for this workshop is media-sharing social networks. MMSP 2012 aims to bring researchers from different areas (signal processing, information management, computer sciences, and psycho-sociology) together to explore the impact of multimodal signal and information processing for the emerging research field of media-sharing social networks, and ultimately to design multimedia systems with more efficient, secure, context-aware, and personalized services.