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MRI: Development of A Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy System for Investigation of Spintronic and Quantum Materials

Many technological breakthroughs are enabled by the discovery of new materials. Once new materials are synthesized, their new properties and potential applications are revealed via careful and advanced characterization measurements. This project funds the development of a unique optical characterization instrument to study a wide range of quantum materials and magnetic materials. The instrument enables multiple types of measurements of light-matter interaction at the same area of samples placed in a magnetic field and at low temperatures. Both linear light-matter interactions and nonlinear interactions, when two light photons are combined to a single photon, are studied. Researchers use the instrument to investigate atomically thin materials, with the thickness of the layers or films only one atom or a few atoms, and materials with a large number of tiny magnets in them. These materials could potentially be used to build memory devices for storing a large amount of data in the information age of the future. In addition to building the instrument in an experimental facility, the team develops courses and training materials for students and users. These students will become the future workforce in the scientific and technological sectors and contribute to building a globally competitive economy.

Texas ECE PI
Xiaoqin Li
Grant Award Date