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Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Systems

The Parallel and Distributed Systems Lab is part of the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT Austin. PDSL conducts research mainly in the fields of Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing. Applications that run on multiple computers connected by the internet are called distributed systems. Parallel computing involves improving the performance of systems by concurrent execution by harnessing the power of multiple connected machines to perform computational tasks.

Some of the key focus areas of the research at PDSL are distributed algorithms, fault tolerance, and reliability and improvement in performance of multi-threaded/multi-core applications. The faculty at the lab teaches concurrent and distributed systems, multi-core computing, and object-oriented programming courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

For details of the ongoing research at the lab, please visit the Research page, and look at the list of our Publications.

Our research is funded by the National Science Foundation, IBM and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. We gratefully acknowledge the support of these institutions.