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Building a Useful Quantum Computer

ECE Colloquia ECE Seminar

Location: EER 1.518
Monica Hansen
Google's Quantum AI Program

Quantum computers hold huge potential to help address societal challenges. At Google Quantum AI, our mission is to lead in the development of large scale error-corrected quantum computing to unlock solutions to intractable problems. Our comprehensive development approach and commitment to error correction fuels our ability to make industry-leading advancements. By focusing on research and engineering to drive the development of a large-scale, error corrected quantum computer, we continually grow our ability to address problems beyond the capabilities of the largest classical supercomputers. In this talk we will discuss the current status of state of the art quantum computers, how they stack up against classical computers, and what it will take to build a truly useful quantum computer. 



Monica Hansen serves as Head of Technical Operations for Google's Quantum AI Program.  She manages strategic and operational priorities to usher in multi-disciplinary quantum computing projects through the entire project lifecycle. Prior to her time at Google, Monica worked in the LED lighting industry for 20 years.  She was a principal in a consulting firm providing technical and market expertise in LED lighting and display technologies, and served as a technical advisor to the Department of Energy Solid State Lighting (SSL) Program. Monica also spent 13 years at Cree as a research manager contributing to product development in all areas of the SSL value chain, from MOCVD growth and chip fabrication to LED package design and fixture development.  She has authored or co-authored numerous scientific, peer-reviewed articles related to SSL, gallium nitride semiconductors and optoelectronic devices and holds patents in these areas. She received her Ph.D. in Materials from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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