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Cadence AI/ML Talk with MLDS


Location: EER 1.518
Chuck Alper
Cadence Design Systems

Talk Topic: Addressing Digital Design Implementation Challenges with AI


Charles (Chuck) Alpert received a B.S. in Math and Computational Sciences and a B.A. degree in History from Stanford in 1991, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1996 from UCLA.  He then worked for IBM research, focusing on physical design research in placement, buffering, routing and wire synthesis.  In 2014, Chuck joined Cadence Design Systems, where he has worked in many parts of the digital implementation portfolio, managing several teams and projects including logic synthesis, clock tree synthesis, global routing, and most recently running Cerebrus, Cadence’s AI-based Digital Exploration product.  Chuck is an IEEE Fellow and published over 100 papers in leading conferences and journals in electronic design automation. He has received over 100 patents and is a Cadence Master Inventor.  He has also co-edited the Handbook on Physical Design Automation, and has served as deputy editor-in-chief for IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design.  He has also served as general chair for the 2016 IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference, the Tau and CANDE Workshops, and the ACM International Symposium on Physical Design. 

Student Organizations: Machine Learning Data Science (MLDS)