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Drs. Julien and Vishwanath Win Grant to Create Flexible Test-Bed

Professors Christine Julien and Sriram Vishwanath received a $380K grant from the Air Force to create a test-bed for mobile, distributed and pervasive computing research. The grant will be used to create a flexible environment that incorporates different technologies into a single integrated test bed. Both graduate and undergraduate researchers will use the environment to study cross-layer information exchange, context-sensitive communication, adaptive mobile middleware, multimedia in mobile networks, and delay tolerant networking. In addition, the team intends to make the test bed available to students to use for projects in courses on mobile and ubiquitous computing.

This new grant is in addition to Dr. Julien's recent $472K grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for developing middleware abstractions in support of network-centric communication in sensor networks.