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Prof. Deji Akinwande Awarded 2015 IEEE Nanotechnology Early Career Award

UT ECE assistant professor and Kilby Endowed Faculty Fellow Deji Akinwande has been named the 2015 recipient of the IEEE Nanotechnology Early Career Award. Deji was selected for “pioneering contributions towards the understanding and development of wafer-scale graphene and flexible nanoelectronics based on two-dimensional sheets.” He will receive the award at the annual IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology in Rome, this coming July.

The IEEE Nanotechnology Early Career Award recognizes “individuals who have made contributions with major impact on the field of nanotechnology.” 

Prof. Akinwande has previously received the NSF Career Award, the Army and DTRA Young Investigator Awards, and the IEEE Nano Geim and Novoseov Graphene Prize. He recently made news for creating the first transistor out of silicene, the world's thinnest silicon material.