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Prof. Lizy John and Prof. Charles Roth Author Book on Digital Systems Design

UT ECE faculty Prof. Lizy John and Prof. Charles Roth have co-authored a book with Byeong Kil Lee of the University of Texas, San Antonio called "Digital Systems Design Using Verilog." 

"Digital Systems Design Using Verilog"  integrates coverage of logic design principles, Verilog as a hardware design language, and FPGA implementation to help electrical and computer engineering students master the process of designing and testing new hardware configurations. A Verilog equivalent of authors Roth and John's previous successful text using VHDL, this practical book presents Verilog constructs side-by-side with hardware, encouraging students to think in terms of desired hardware while writing synthesizable Verilog. Following a review of the basic concepts of logic design, the authors introduce the basics of Verilog using simple combinational circuit examples, followed by models for simple sequential circuits. Subsequent chapters ask readers to tackle more and more complex designs.

The book is available beginning January 2015.