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Prof. Sanjay Shakkottai Awarded National Science Foundation Grant

UT ECE professor Sanjay Shakkottai has been awarded an NSF grant for his work on Information Architectures for Femto-Aided Cellular Networks. Prof. Shakkottai is the lead PI on the $1.13 milion grant along with other PIs from Cornell University and Rice University.

The abstract for the grant reads:

Femto-aided cellular networks appear to be one the best solutions to achievemulti-fold capacity needed for future wireless networks. However,Femto-aided cellular systems have an information architecture that is verydifferent from current planned and centrally managed cellular architecture.In this project, both the design of information architecture to acquirenetwork state information and the optimal use of the resulting NSI will beaddressed. The project is organized into three symbiotic research thrusts onnetwork-aware physical-layer (PHY) coding schemes, network protocols andalgorithms leveraging advanced PHYs, and their architectural prototypes. Thefirst thrust utilizes recent innovations in deterministic models of wirelessnetworks and develops novel physical-layer cooperative encoding and decodingschemes that operate with delayed, inconsistent, and erroneous NSI. Thesecond thrust builds on the new physical-layer coding schemes to designnetwork-scheduling algorithms to address performance issues. Finally, thethird thrust utilizes the WARP programmable radios and studiesimplementation challenges of the protocols. The project goals offoundational design for Femto-aided cellular networks will have significantimpact on industry practice. The PIs will facilitate technology transferthrough their established industry affiliate program. A broad range ofeducation and outreach activities will also complement the research agenda,including integration of research findings into the courses, promotingunderrepresented and undergraduate populations, and engaging with themiddle/high school community to raise the level of interest in engineeringand mathematics.

Dr. Shakkottai holds the Engineering Foundation Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. He received the NSF CAREER award in 2004.