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Professor Ghosh Wins Two New NSF Grants

Dr. Joydeep Ghosh recently won two new grants worth over $1M to study land use and improve analysis of large and complex data sets. The National Science Foundation awarded the money to Dr. Ghosh and his co-PI's, M. Crawford and B. Pijanowski of Purdue University, for a project called Advanced learning and integrative knowledge transfer approaches to remote sensing and forecast modeling for understanding land use change. This research applies data mining techniques for long-term forecasting of land use change over large geographical areas using both remotely sensed and GIS data sources.

The second projects is called Versatile Co-clustering Analysis for Bi-modal and Multi-modal Data. Professor Ghosh and co-PI, Dr. Inderjit S. Dhillon of UT-Computer Science, will analyze very large and complex data sets, including tensor data and relational data such as large social networks, to find natural grouping and similarities among objects. This research can enhance our understanding of underlying physical, economic or social phenomena.