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Students Compete in Handheld Game Design Competition


In order to teach students to take what they have learned and turn it into a fully-realized project, students from the EE 319K Intro to Embedded Systems course formed teams of two and competed in a competition to see who could create the best 80s-style handheld game. Winners were decided by the votes of their fellow students.

This year, students made videos of their projects to share them with the rest of their class.

Texas Instruments generously provided a selection of their products as prizes for the winning teams. Texas Instruments has partnered with Texas ECE to support the Embedded Systems program for over 15 years.

EE 319K was taught by Prof. Jonathan Valvano.

The first place project was designed by Diondre Dubose and Benhur Yonas. Their game, "Twenty20", challenges players to play as Dr. Valvano and try and collect enough of the falling cure vials to save the world from the pandemic while avoiding the coronavirus and murder hornets.

The second place project was "Socially Distanced Pikachu" created by Aditya Ojha and Sarah Tsai. In their game, Pikachu is trying to stay safe from COVID-contagious Pokemon trainers. The player must avoid Poke balls and fire thunderbolts at the contagious trainers.

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