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Texas ECE Ph.D student Casen Hunger and Prof. Mohit Tiwari launch, Privasera, an Austin based start up

Casen Hunger, Ph.D student at Texas ECE along with Prof. Mohit Tiwari, Assistant Professor at ECE department at The University of Texas at Austin (UT) recently co-founded Privasera, an Austin based company. The startup provides privacy and security services to app creators and users.

Privasera is gearing up to launch its first product, Blox, soon. The Blox platform uses the state of the art security techniques to secure data and information by individually storing user data. By doing this it prevents mass information leaks.

The platform works by creating security containers in which every user’s private data files are individually stored. The containers allow different systems with multiple data networks to run on one operating system. It allows efficient processing and separation of sensitive data. Clients ranging from amateur app creators to the medical industry will use Blox.

Hunger’s research focuses on building secure systems for cloud architectures. It includes understanding and preventing program information leakages through contention for hardware resources and operating system information flow control.

Prof. Tiwari works on building secure systems using both hardware and software mechanisms. He received his Ph.D. from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2011 and completed his postdoctoral degree from University of California, Berkeley.