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Dmitry Kireev

Research Associate

Dmitry Kireev is a Research Associate (Independent Scientist) at the University of Texas at Austin. As a part of the Microelectronic Research Center and the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, he is working on the real-life applications of two-dimensional materials such as graphene, PtSe2, PtTe2, MoS2, and others in the fields of bioelectronics, neuroprosthesis, soft tissue, and epidermal electronics.

He received his PhD in 2017 at the Institute of Bioelectronics (ICS-8) of Forschungszentrum Julich (Germany), working on graphene-based devices for neuroprosthesis, interaction with neuronal cells, and general bioelectronics. Before, he received a prestigious EMM-NANO scholarship and performed the MSc study at KULeuven (Belgium) and Chalmers University (Sweden) with majors in nanoelectronics (2011-2013).

He built wearable and implantable devices for vast bioelectronic applications, including a first-of-a-kind cuffless blood pressure monitoring system using graphene tattoos and first-of-a-kind biocompatible graphene-based neuromorphic transistor system. Within the scope of the recent (2020) pandemic, he has also begun working towards building graphene-based biosensors targeted towards COVID-19 virus detection and variant differentiation. At the University of Texas at Austin, he established a laboratory for graphene bioelectronics research. Dr. Kireev has published 35+ primary research articles (15 as the first author and 7 as a corresponding author) in broad scientific outlets, including high-impact journals (i.e., Nature, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Science Advances, ACS Nano, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters), and field-specific topical journals (i.e., Nature Protocols, Advanced Healthcare Materials, IEEE tNANO, Carbon). Besides, he published three book chapters and four review articles, contributing to the general development of the fields of bioelectronics and 2D materials. He regularly organizes MRS symposiums and serves as a reviewer on the journals' and funding agencies' committees