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ECE Next

ECE Next

Visit the ECE Next Program page for more information on workshops and events and application instructions.

This yearlong series of workshops and mentoring activities for sophomores, juniors and seniors is aimed at providing mentoring and support for undergraduates interested in graduate education. Attendees include Texas ECE and non-UT undergraduate students from across the state of Texas. The professional development workshops will provide the support and self-efficacy tools that students may find useful to move forward from undergraduate to graduate school, while involved in summer undergraduate research in the process. The program will help ensure that students of all backgrounds are represented in the next generation of graduate researchers, leaders, and role models in ECE.

Corporate Program Benefits

  • Broadening participation for students to consider, explore, prepare for and apply for graduate school
  • Supports summer research experience and workshops: junior and senior years
  • Recognition on ECE website, workshops, and summer research poster session
  • Distribute company swag at workshops
  • Panelist and guest speaker opportunities
  • Student engagement at workshops, lunch and learn sessions, and summer research poster session
  • Resume collection on all research experience students

Student Testimony

Nandu Koripally"The ECE Next Program made me realize that graduate school was right for me. The program had workshops on career paths, growing research skills, and talks given by professors and industry professionals. The research experience itself confirmed that I wanted to pursue a PhD in my chosen field. The following workshops in the fall helped me navigate applying to graduate school and fellowships. Thanks to ECE Next I learned more about graduate school and felt confident continuing my education."

Nandu Koripall
ECE Next 2021 participant







Prospective Partners

Engagement Timeline

  • March: Summer Research Prep workshop
    • Inform and inspire undergrad students to apply for grad school and summer research
  • May 28 - July 26: Summer research experience
    • Provide research experiences relevant for grad application, prepare students for grad studies, and provide tailored mentoring and advising for research experience for undergrads
  • September: Seniors workshop
    • Help build portfolios for grad school applications, including personal statements, selecting letter writers, and navigating the grad application process
  • March: Graduate school decisions
  • August: First semester in graduate school

For more information about becoming involved as an ECE Next partner, contact Jennifer Gallant, Senior Program Coordinator at