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Capstone Design Projects

Title Semester Sponsor
Athlete Talk 2020 Spring Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Automated Handling Robot 2020 Spring Texas Instruments
Conference Connect 2020 Spring
Configuring and Executing Natively Compiled Control Modules 2020 Spring Emerson Automation Solutions
Crowdsource Study and Predictor of Compressed Picture Quality 2020 Spring
Data De-Identification 2020 Spring Nokia Bell Labs
Deep Learning Hardware Accelerator (DLHA) 2020 Spring
Electric Vehicle Inverter and Motor Controller 2020 Spring
Far Field Gesture Recognition 2020 Spring Harman, A Samsung Company
Frictionless Entry 2020 Spring Nokia Bell Labs
Grid-Connected Power Converter 2020 Spring
Guardian 2020 Spring
High Speed Data Acquisition in Nanoscale Imaging 2020 Spring
Inverse Problems 2020 Spring
Loggo: Smart Toileting System 2020 Spring
Low-Cost Broadband Measurement System for RF Dielectric Constant and Loss Tangent 2020 Spring
MagicInertia 2020 Spring Texas Instruments
nuCoach: A Real-Time Exercise Form Monitoring System 2020 Spring
Pervasive Federated Learning 2020 Spring
Privacy Check 2020 Spring 2020 Spring
RGK CONNECT Matching Algorithm Web Application 2020 Spring Sponsor
Self-Monitoring Stress Device 2020 Spring
Social Bit 2020 Spring
Solar Validation IoT System 2020 Spring Texas Instruments
Sound Separation 2020 Spring Harman, A Samsung Company
StableGen 2020 Spring
Undergraduate Teaching Platform 2020 Spring
Using Renewable Energy to Supplement Power to a Laptop 2020 Spring HP
Verifying Data Structure Properties with Machine Learning 2020 Spring
Video Game Performance/UX Measurement Module 2020 Spring Sponsor
Vocalitics 2020 Spring
Water Usage Monitor 2020 Spring Texas Instruments
Wearable Sensor to Detect an Adrenaline Rush 2020 Spring Nokia Bell Labs
Wireless Sleep Monitor 2020 Spring Texas Instruments
You Beelong at UT 2020 Spring
Acceleration of Deep Learning on a FPGA 2019 Fall
Asset Issuance Application for Blockchain System and BlockReduce 2019 Fall
Building Energy System Modeling using Machine Learning 2019 Fall
Electrical Vehicle Communication System 2019 Fall
Forex Feature Generation and Real- time/Historical testing platform 2019 Fall State Street
Machine Learning for Prediction and Analysis of Public Financial Data 2019 Fall State Street
Mock Data Generator 2019 Fall Teradata
Optimized Assembly Tests from Machine Learning Correlation Algorithms 2019 Fall AMD
Power Quality Monitoring of an Industrial Manufacturing Facility 2019 Fall Tenaris
User simplified modular cloud-based machine learning using hardware accelerators 2019 Fall State Street
Utileye: A Tool to Monitor Room Utilization 2019 Fall
Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicles 2019 Fall
A Neck-Based Wearable for Real-Time Dietary Activity Detection 2019 Spring
ATHLETETALK 2019 Spring Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Audio-Visual Synchronization System 2019 Spring
Augmented Reality in the Great Outdoors 2019 Spring Nokia Bell Labs
Automated Data Collection for Mobile Network Traffic Data Classification 2019 Spring
Automated Smartphone Tracking Camera 2019 Spring
Automated Team Formation 2019 Spring
Automatic Computer Generated Dull Bit Grading 2019 Spring Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Autonomous UAV Navigation with Radar in GPS Denied Scenarios 2019 Spring
C2000 Based TI-RSLK 2019 Spring Texas Instruments
Compas 2019 Spring
Converting Heat to Power in Laptops 2019 Spring HP
Cradl: A Smart Baby Wearable 2019 Spring
DC Motor Boosterpack and Cape 2019 Spring Texas Instruments
Deep Learning for Regression Problems in Physical Modeling 2019 Spring Schlumberger
Deep Learning Hardware Accelerator 2019 Spring
Electromagnet-Based Vehicle Environment Simulator 2019 Spring
Encouraging Sustainable Mobility through Games in the Elementary Classroom 2019 Spring
Encrypted Bluetooth Audio Headset 2019 Spring Texas Instruments
Extending the ARMv4 ISA to Optimize Basic Linear Algebra Operations 2019 Spring
Feather: The Pressure Relief Cushion 2019 Spring
Felt Radar-Assisted Navigation Belt for the Blind and Visually Impaired 2019 Spring
HotSpot Smart Kitchen Technologies 2019 Spring
Human Detection on Edge Devices 2019 Spring
Live VR Streaming for Robot Teleoperators 2019 Spring
Machine Learning Bug Prediction Using Simulation Attributes 2019 Spring AMD
Measuring Posture & Wellness with a PC Sensor 2019 Spring HP
MLPerf Benchmark Test Suite 2019 Spring Dell
National Instruments SourceAdapt 2019 Spring National Instruments
Parq 2019 Spring
Point-of-use Water Purification System 2019 Spring
Polychaete Worm Bio-Inspired Robot 2019 Spring
Pulse-T 2019 Spring
Real-Time Photovoltaic Cell Monitoring and Data Acquisition and Manipulation System 2019 Spring
Remote Server Management 2019 Spring Dell
Simulate, Model, and Emulate for Memory-Centric Architectures 2019 Spring Dell
SmartNest 2019 Spring Texas Instruments
Software Bug Triaging 2019 Spring Dell
Sound Steer 2019 Spring Harman, A Samsung Company
Stellar Spine 2019 Spring
Stereo Camera-based Localization and Obstacle Detection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 2019 Spring
Swivalry 2019 Spring
Texas Instruments IoT Development Board 2019 Spring Texas Instruments
The Object Scanner 2019 Spring Texas Instruments
TI RSLK Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2019 Spring Texas Instruments
Traffic Controller for UAVs 2019 Spring
Vehicle Sharing 2019 Spring
Viewing and Mitigating Bearing Currents in Electrical Submersible Pump Systems 2019 Spring Schlumberger
Wafermap Defect Pattern Recognition 2019 Spring Texas Instruments
Web Tool for Simulating DNA Binding Networks 2019 Spring
Addition of Range Sensing to Any World View Driver Assistance System 2018 Fall Coherent Logix
Automated Pipeline Corrosion Assessment 2018 Fall BP
Characterization of Oil-Based Drilling Fluid 2018 Fall Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Collaborative Sensing Under Resource Constraints 2018 Fall
Got Gas? A Portable Gas Detector for Harmful Substances 2018 Fall
Maximum Power Point Tracker Design for Solar Powered Vehicles 2018 Fall
Powering the Data Centers: 48V to 12V DC-DC Power Supply 2018 Fall
Solar Powered Motor 2018 Fall
Temperature Modeling Software 2018 Fall Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Trade Screening Tool 2018 Fall BP
Video-Based Machine Learning for Action Recognition 2018 Fall
Intelligent Emergency Microgrid System 2022 Fall